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Signum Cuda 39mm Steel

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Signum Siege Automatic

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Signum Cuda Titanium GMT - Full Lume

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Signum Cuda Titanium - Full Lume Collection


Signum Sollus Automatic

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Signum Sollus Chrono

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Signum Cuda Titanium


Signum Cero Bronze

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One of kind dials!

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic stone known for its use as a semi precious gemstone. Each Lapis dial is completely unique so you have a one off watch! Prices are $369 each excl. shipping.

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The abalone dial, each dial is made from genuine abalone shell, with each dial completely unique. Prices are $349 each excl. shipping.

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Orange sandstone

Our Orange sandstone dial sparkles like no other dial does! Stunning dial that can be worn by both men and ladies alike. Prices are $369 each excl. shipping.

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Opal Mosaic

Our Opal Mosaic dials are made from pieces of Opal (Kyocera Lab) set in a Mosaic pattern to create this awesom dial. With each and every dial completely unique with flashes of blue, green and orange. Prices are $399 each excl. shipping.

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